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Únor 2010

What do you expect and what misses you in 2010 :-)

2. února 2010 v 8:29 | ... |  PENÍZE
1.2.2010 17:32:24

The information contained in this OpenNews would not let anyone escape from registered users OpenMLM.EU and especially those of you who either already OpenRentieři or just thinking about it. We have one for you, no actually two good news :-)
First we say what the project is planned at 2010. This is the minimum our plan because we believe that we can put into much more ambitious plan than we are. The first year of our operation was marked by verifying the viability of some basic ideas of the project, with which we enter the market. For this reason we're a bit hampered international expansion plans and in the meantime we have to limit to 3 neighboring countries, ie Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland.It's your foundation. Today but go all the brakes and inhibitions aside and prepare to really huge quantitative but also qualitative leap forward. Indications of this change was an attentive visitor will surely record and other small but significant changes in the early records.
The first change you probably noticed that every "networker" after login, the site with the conditions for approval. This approval is now required for each user who should go to the level "networker". This step is required because of the planned entry into the Anglo-Saxon countries, especially in the U.S. and Canada.
During February will certainly notice the initiation of our collaboration with the company EVCO (www.evco.cz). This cooperation extends portfolio of options, how our users make use of new and interesting services without spending extra cost. First, this service is available in the Czech Republic, Poland and then by words EVCO management since 2011, should their services through OpenMLM.EU offer and the Slovak Republic. And is not the only news that is going to the nearest month. Judge for yourself:
Appears completely new concept OpenNews - our (non) regular news to which you will be able to act a certain way, yours.
Introduce a new system of running your offerings and expand options for displaying, entering and editing changes to the users.
If the page appears to users classified as an "networker" www.opennetworker.eu, the bids for them.
Appears www.openrentier.eu site where users can, which the annuity will be entitled to receive, to learn not only about what is happening around the annuities, but they are here to discover special offers just for them to be in the field of tourism and will be here for they prepared special discounts and bonuses for buying certain products from the menu OpenMLM.EU, but also other companies.
This of course is far from everything we prepare. As we have said in the introduction, is really going very strong expansion into other (mainly English-speaking) countries. Therefore, those of you who have interest to it, well prepared, should slow "zbrojit" because it is no secret that those who are gripping with their networks, it will be financially very, very well. I, therefore, begins work today on the news about the subdomains.
So far you could take your subdomain and backoffice running only at openmlm.eu. Today your options expand considerably, since your subdomain and backoffice can now run on four other domains. Specifically, the following domain:


And now, two of the mentioned news about the product OpenRentier:

The amount per share for January jumped to an incredible amount and reached 3251, - CZK! It's an extreme increase from last month. What percentages in February, remains to be seen.However, January is a very pleasant surprise for people who have reached the OpenRentiera the end December 2009.
Second, very pleasant news for all OpenRentiery is a condition for receipt of a share of the rent, you just publish a draw relates to the duration of the share. If, therefore, for some reason happens that a user who, for one product OpenRentier issued shares gain on rent for at least the price of the product back, he will be a period during which the annuity has a right automatically extended for a further period of least one year. This will be repeated so long before the price of the product such a user to share the rent at least return. And even though its activity provides users more shares, to achieve this condition will always be calculated from only one share, the user has reached to purchase the product themselves. Bonus shares to fulfill this condition do not count! - This information will be directly referred to in the new wording of the conditions which are being developed.

Can you imagine what will happen when he gets into OpenMLM countries where network marketing is one of the standard economic instruments? And can you imagine that part of the newly created networks that will develop in these countries will be part of the very structure of your?

To be the first to start the project in the U.S. and Canada? Immediately pre-register for free at http://www.hrnec-zlata.openmlm.eu/cz/registrace/ (to facilitate registration, please use http://translate.google.com) or regularly watch news on this blog.